Are you ready to host your BEST Holiday Gift Exchange?

Maybe you aren't ready yet...and that's okay! Because that's exactly what this eBook is going to help you with.

The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide is going to give you what you really want.

all of the ideas, tips and resources that will help you plan your Gift Exchange.


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This is a big deal.

Especially if you've felt the stress of planning a Gift Exchange before. You know all of the effort and time it takes think up ideas, themes and games and prepare them for the big day.

I made this guide especially for YOU. If you are busy with life, but want to throw an epic Gift Exchange this Guide will be your best asset.


Sound Good?

Well, check this out. After you read this eBook you'll be able to...

  • Decide on the type of Gift Exchange that is best for your group
  • Choose a theme that will get your group excited to purchase their exchange gifts
  • Work out all of the Gift Exchange logistics including price limits, how many people to invite, when to host the exchange and how early to send out invitations
  • Easily plan Gift Exchange games that will have your group laughing and having the time of their lives
  • Plan an amazing VIRTUAL Gift Exchange if your family is unable to gather this year
  • Create a lasting and treasured Holiday tradition for your family, friends or co-workers

The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide Will Help You:


When you purchase The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide, you get free printables for four different Gift Exchange Games including Santa Swap, Dasher’s Dice Game, Sleigh Switch and Story Circle. Each game retails for $5 in my Etsy Shop, but you’ll get the adorable printables for all four games (a $20 value!) PLUS the full Gift Exchange Guide including 10 Gift Exchange Variations, 34 Theme Ideas, how to host a virtual Gift Exchange PLUS planning pages and checklists. Over 60 pages of Gift Exchange Tips and Tricks for only $27! 


Time is money...even more so during the busy Holiday season. Instead of spending hours scouring Pinterest and searching Google, you'll have everything you need to plan, prepare and host your Gift Exchange in one convenient eBook! My main goal when writing this book was to give you a valuable resource with everything you need to create a lasting and FUN Holiday tradition.


88% of Americans say the holidays are "the most stressful time of the year." And it's no wonder! Anything that you can do to decrease your stress levels during the holidays is an investment in yourself. If you have been assigned the White Elephant or Secret Santa Gift Exchange for your family, work place or friend group, the money you invest in The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide will give you unique and fun ideas, decrease your workload, save you money and save you time.

A Sneak Peek Inside the Guide

Gift Exchange Planning Worksheet

10 Alternative Gift Exchange Ideas

34 Creative Gift Exchange THEME Ideas

Gift Exchange Games

Planning the Exchange (Tips and Tricks)

How to Host a Virtual Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange Printables

Exchange Checklists


I want the Guide!!

You need this book if you...

  • Are in charge of your workplace party and want to make it easy (for you) and FUN (for everyone)
  • Have a large extended family and want to start a new Christmas tradition
  • Have a small family and want a new and special twist on Christmas gift giving
  • Have done White Elephant Gift Exchanges before, but are ready for something new and exciting this year
  • Are feeling stressed out and have enough on your plate without worrying about planning a Gift Exchange
  • Want to add some extra MAGIC to the Holiday season


When will I get The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide?

I created this guide in an eBook format...which means you will have immediate access to the book as a downloadable PDF. I like to read these eBooks in the "Book" app on my iPhone, but when you are ready to print off the game printables, you'll need to open the PDF on your home computer.

How do I use the Printables?

I wanted The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide to make your Gift Exchange as easy as possible for you! That's why I added four printable games that you can use immediately! All you need to do, is open the PDF on your computer, select the pages of the games you want to play and hit print! Each game includes the instructions of how to play. Super easy!!

How do I read it?

If you have an iPhone, you can open the pdf using your "Books" app. If you have an Android, download the Adobe Acrobat app. You can also read it on your computer.

NOTE: Due to the digital nature and instant delivery of this product, refunds are not available. If there are issues with your purchase, please contact me at

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I LOVE to plan Gift Exchanges...

...really anything to do with gifts! I started my website because I recognized that gift ideas don't come easily to everyone and I wanted to help.

Over the years, I've planned many Gift Exchanges (with family, friends and at work) and I have learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to Gift Exchanges.

That's what The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide is all about. I took my years of Gift Exchange experience and created a guide with everything you need to know AND the best way to do things.  

I'm SO excited to share The Ultimate Gift Exchange Guide with you so you can establish a new and amazing holiday tradition!

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